Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cat in the Hat?

Nope, Cat in the Bag.

I couldn't resist. (props to Pixelville for the pics)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lost and Found

Overheard at 5:15 a.m. in the Las Vegas Airport:

"To the male passenger who left his false teeth and hearing aid in the bathroom: If you can hear me please pick up your belongings at the counter."

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

External Genitalia and 60,000 miles

We just got back from viewing Bodies The Exhibition at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. It was an amazing exhibit overall, totally fascinating though a bit unsettling for those who get queasy at the site of blood and internal organs. The exhibit peels back the skin (literally) on donated or unclaimed "John and Jane Does" to reveal muscles, digestives systems, organ functions, veins, arteries, etc.

You name it, if it is part of the human body, they have preserved it, and it is on display.

The fact that I found most astounding was that each of our bodies are home to 60,000 miles of blood vessels. How incredible is that?

On another note, I did have one beef with the exhibit and that was the fact that the female bodies on display (of which there were very few) were labeled with the words "external genitalia" to describe the entire vaginal region. Rather than using what I understand to be the correct anatomical descriptors "labia minora, labia majora, and clitoris," everything was lumped together and described as "external genitalia." This might not be such a bother if the penis were also labeled "external genitalia," but alas, it was labeled with the big P word. And to top it off, the function of this "external genitalia" on the female body was also left unexplained, whereas "with stimulation" the penis was said to "fill with blood, increase in size and become erect."

Hhmmff, the last time I checked, the clitoris did that too.

Indeed, I am forever the feminist in search of misogyny in everyday life, but I can't help it, it is these kinds of exclusions that contribute to the lack of knowledge and understanding about the female body. The fact that these kinds of editorial decisions were made in an educational exhibit of this nature is like adding insult to injury.

So, suffice it to say that the exhibit was truly fabulous, but that it also reminded me that there is still much work to be done. Thank goodness for people like Eve Ensler.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Color and Electricity.

Some cool pics snapped by my sis in Vegas at the theater where the new Cirque du Soleil show, LOVE, is playing. Speaking of love, I love the colors.

And, one interesting fact about my visit so far. There seems to be an extremely large amount of static electricity in the air out here. I am sure that if Jan read my blog he would have the accurate scientific answer for me about what is causing it, but as my sister reminded me, we are surrounded by millions of lights every second of the day out here. Talk about light pollution, it is unreal.

Friday, December 01, 2006

DVD Menus

Since DVD programming isn't easily translatable to blogging, I am posting the menus for my Gender Blender DVD project.

Main Menu

Masculine Compliant Menu

Feminine Compliant Menu

Gender Defiant Menu

All these menus are labeled with commands like "walk, pose, consider, blend" to designate the slideshows or movies that are attached the buttons.

So, I'm pretty proud of these drawings since I'm not a skilled drawer in the first place, and secondly I'm new to Photoshop. Anyway, there you have it.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Art Statement Revised: No hoity toity.

Andro Gyno is a short video that explodes the notion of gender as a static category. By presenting an androgynous body accessorized with objects that take on masculine, feminine or gender blended characteristics depending upon how they are arranged on the body, the video asks the viewer to imagine gender as an expression one adopts, rather than a category prescribed by anatomy and chromosomes.

p.s. This is a special shout out to Liv and Heidi and a reminder that I'm not a full on academic-speak nuthead.

Let them eat cake.

Just back from a groovy night of artsy adventures.

It started by sharing my DVD and Final Cut project with a friend and was followed by a visit to a new art co-op called Chop Chop a very DIY kinda place where we bid on some art and talked to the young owner about displaying our work in their space. Very cool and very much an exercise in putting myself out there as an artist.

From there we crashed Mayor Mike Coleman's birthday party at BOMA. We didn't set out to crash the party, but thought BOMA would be a good place for a drink, being an art gallery and all. It turned out when we got there that it was a private party, but we just walked right in and made ourselves at home, even though we stuck out like a sore thumb (two white dykes in a sea of black professionals)!

Actually, we joined them for cake.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Final Project Edit 2

Watch the video
A cleaned up version of my final project Art 661.01. I like this one better, but I must admit I am not that fond of the title of the video, but my brain was fried when I tried to name it and I haven't had any other ideas since then. Let me know if you do.

Art Statement

Andro Gyno

Sex is a biological status, the designation of one as male or female based on anatomy and chromosomes. Gender is a social/psychological status, the designation of one as masculine or feminine based on socially and culturally defined behaviors, mannerisms, expressions, etc.

The short video Andro Gyno explores the fluid and permeable status of gender identity by subjecting a neutral body (a body read/coded as neither fully masculine or feminine) to masculinely or femininely defined poses, behaviors, etc. as a function of accessories applied to the body. In other words, the neutral body is marked/read masculine or feminine by the accessories there displayed; the body is accessorized.

A tie, hat, shoes, a scarf or combination thereof can all be read/interpreted as masculine or feminine depending on how they are arranged on the body. In turn, the body lends alternating meaning to the accessories as it responds/reacts to culturally defined stereotypes associated with each accessory.

Watching the neutral body as it responds in flux to these culturally loaded stereotypes exposes gender identity as an artificial, socially constructed, mutable category; something a body adopts rather than something inherent or natural to a body.

The viewer is introduced first to the notion of polarized gender identitites, and is then forced to quickly consider the possibility of blended gender expressions. Split screens display the neutral body as masculine and feminine simultaneously. Alternating accessories stretch the body from masculine to feminine and then back again. The erratically changing body is finally shown in the slow and meticulous act of 'putting on' a marker of anatomical maleness-facial hair.

In a matter of two minutes the neutral body transforms to a body that is now easily marked male. In the final frame, the body turns its gaze to the viewer, breaking the distance between the subject and the viewer, forcing the voyeur to see the body as 'real' and consequently gender as mutable, artificial and socially constructed.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


there are some things about turning 36 that have really sucked.

For example:

I am no longer part of "the youth vote," which encompasses 18-35 year olds(admittedly a large spread, but it felt good to be in that demographic).

I am now closer to getting my first mailing from the AARP than I am to being legal drinking age.

When I enter my age on the fitness machines at the gym, I now have to push the up arrow rather than the down arrow to reach the appropriate age (seems 35 is considered middle age to the Pre-Cor machine).

When I teach freshman at OSU, I am now twice the age of my students.

The furrow in my brow has settled in for good, I can feel it even in my most expressionless moments.

I'm not sure, but I think my eyesight is starting to fail me just a bit...sometimes 2's look like 3's from far away. Even if it isn't actually changing, I am now old enough to have to consider the fact if I am having a hard time seeing, it could just be becuase I am getting to that age.

But, by far, the most disturbing thing about being over 35 has been the moment I experienced tonight when a friend told me that pregnant women my age are referred to by medical professionals as 'elderly.'


Fuck that.

Andro Gyno

Watch the video
An exploration into the fluid nature of male/female, masculine/feminine and the overlapping spaces between it all. Note: There is no sound to the video.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

Friday, November 10, 2006

Flaming Onion...revisited.

It has been nearly a year since I have been posting audio and video files on blogger and blip and in all that time, this sideways video has been my most viewed video file.


Click To Play

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Talking Bus: Exposed

Watch the video
Bus driver reveals mystery of the the talking school bus. Seems they are original to Columbus. Indeed, we are the test market of America.

Guten Morgen

Listen to the audio
Last Spring a new family moved in across the street. They have small children and with their arrival came an added bonus: A new morning, afternoon and evening ritual that sounds like so.

Exploits of the Underemployed

There was a time when I worked four jobs, exercised regularly, took care of a toddler one day a week, attended art and music classes, renovated our old home and juggled friends, family and a relationship.

Over the past two years my employment status has dwindled to one part time position augmented by occasional shifts the Coffee Table and the odd DJ job. The house is fixed (for the most part), I'm not motivated to exercise and I'm in an emotional rut.

Simply put, I am bored, uninspired, short of cash and in a seemingly perpetual state of underemployment.

So, to combat those burdens, I have found ways to supplement my cash flow and keep occupied. One such outlet has been to participate in research studies. My latest is the Healthy Heart study at OSU.

Thus far my participation has included physical and psychological stress tests, the surrender of 32 vials of blood, catheters in both right and left arms, subjection to electrodes all over my chest, magnetic tape around my neck and torso, breathing into a snorkel with my nose plugged up while on a stationary bike, delivering an impromptu 3 minute speech on camera, a swish and spit test, and a 40 page nutritional survey where I was asked just exactly what kind of fat I use on my baked potatoes...butter, sour cream, margarine or olive oil.

I need another job.

Press Pass

By the way, I made it into the press room at the Board of Elections, it's amazing how far you can get with a camera, a badge and a microphone.

Election Protection

Photos from my day with Video the Vote. The project was a joint effort between Video the Vote and Election Protection, both non-partisan groups whose goal is was to monitor polling stations for voting irregularities. I was dispatched to polls in Worthington, Hilliard, and the near East Side.

Not surprisingly, there were no problems to be found in the affluent, white suburbs. Several people snubbed when asked to talk on tape, but others were pleased to get the chance. The most interesting thing I found in the suburbs was the make up of the poll workers. I talked to a young white male high school student, a middle aged African American woman and a youngish Islamic woman wearing a head scarf. As usual there were many senior citizens helping out. The contrasting demographics across age was pretty stark.

I have already posted an interview I did with an African American woman on the near east side who was forced to vote provisionally even though she provided 2 forms of ID that matched the id information on file with the Board of Elections. In the 20 minutes I spent in this mostly African American precinct, I saw three people voting provisionally and talked with poll workers and voters who felt the election was rigged and that their vote would not be counted.

So much for the American way.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Video the Vote

Footage from my stint with Video the Vote on Election Day 2006.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

IDKE 8 Movie

Click To Play
Just for fun, a little slideshow/movie of IDKE 8.

Ooops, the sound didn't transfer. I'll try to fix it and repost. Sorry Charlies.

IDKE Movie

Watch the video
Just for fun, a little slideshow/movie of IDKE 8.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Election Addendum

Update from my pal Denise who is an attorney in the court system and has the inside scoop. See, this is why we need to do in depth research.

"Thanks for the info. My one contribution/suggestion would be to NOT vote for Squire for Domestic Relations judge. As someone who works in that court, I know that she is CRAZY and has several disciplinary actions against her that are currently being decided by the Supreme Court of Ohio. She will most likely lose her license. She conducts her courtroom in an incredibly unprofessional manner and needs to get off the bench. I'm not sure who is running against her, though. James Mason is running for a different Domestic Relations seat and while he is a Republican, I'm going to vote for him with a completely clear conscience. He is very fair and works very hard to ensure that families and children get a opportunity to be heard in an objective environment."


For any Ohio lefties in the house, here are some voting tips to make your life easier next week.

After being encouraged to vote absentee, I sat down to vote today and found that even armed with endorsement materials from the Democratic Party, it still took me 30 minutes to cast my ballot.

So, if you want to vote a full on Democratic ticket, here are your selections:
P.S. Keep in mind that Judges, auditors, etc. affect our lives as well as Senators and Congressional leaders.

Strickland for Governor
Dann for Attorney General
Sykes for Auditor
Brunner for Sect of State
Cordray for Treasurer of State
Brown for Congress
Kilroy for Representative
Donahey for County Auditor
Tyack for Court of Appeals
Dorris for Common Pleas
Macke for Common Please
Gill for Domestic Relations Judge
Squire for Domestic Relations
Brown for County Commissioner
Bendig for Common Pleas
McIntosh for Common Pleas
Horton for Common Pleas
Perez for Domestic
Espy for Judge of Supreme Court
O'Neill for Judge of Supreme Court

On Issues:

Yes on Issue One (Worker's Compensation Reform)

Yes on Issue Two for increase in the minimum wage (for those of you who have the fortune to forget this number, it is STILL $5.15...it has not changed since you worked at the mall when you were 17, this would make it $6.85...still not a living wage, but better)

No on Issue Three (makes gambling legal, some people are pro Issue Three because there is a provision that will send 30% of gambling profits to college tuition...my take is why should gambling fund public education? And, gambling is an addiction that strikes primarily poor, undereducated, working class people, finally the jobs that are created are low paying service economy jobs)

No on Issue 4 (part of the confusing smoking issues, if you don't want smoking in bars, vote No on 4, Yes on 5, by the way, RJ Reynolds funded 90% of the campaign to pass this amendment to the Ohio Constitution)

Yes on Issue 5 (keeps bars, restaurants smoke free)

Yes on Issue 7 (increases taxes for public transportation)

Other tips:If you requested an absentee ballot, you must vote absentee and are encouraged to turn your ballot in by hand if you are in Columbus. If you go to the polls, take ID and a print out of your planned choices (party affiliation is not listed for all candidates). Go to the League of Women Voters if you want detail on individual candidates. Go to www.columbus.indyvoter.org for assistance with voting procedures.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

3rd Coast

I can't think of an environment that could cause me more anxiety than a 3 day audio festival with producers from all over the world who work for places like NPR, the BBC, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, Public Radio International and This American Life.

It seems that the thing that makes me most excited also makes me most terrified.

So, because I am on my way to the last event of the festival, I will sum up my experience/feelings in one small paragraph.

Anxiety over what freaking clothes to wear resulting in trying on three different outfits, answering "yes" the much asked question, "Are you an independent producer," my heart exploding out of my chest when speaking in a session on being a new producer, my heart leaping with thrill at the thought of attending the SALT Institute for Documentary Studies, in a low moment intoducing myself as someone who has no connection to this field other than as a listener, at a high moment introducing myself as a blogger and podcaster, affirmation in my audio therapy and audio doctor sessions.

There is more, but we are late.

Suffice it to say that as scary and exciting as it all is, it feels like home.

Monday, October 23, 2006

We Are Strong Women

Listen to the Audio

This is the audio piece that I am taking to The Third Coast International Audio Festival in Chicago this week. One of the reasons I wanted to go to this festival was because they offer an opportunity for independent producers to sit down with professionals in a 'Audio Doctor' session.

One of the professionals is Ira Glass, so I have a one in four chance of getting to sit down with him, or someone on the same par as him, and discuss my audio work. This work is a result of a workshop Heidi Madsen and I did with seven HIV+ women in the summer of 2004. I have wanted to create an audio piece from that workshop ever since and am just now finally forcing myself to do it. The festival was the final push I needed to get something done.

So, listen in and please leave me your comments.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Round two of my Final Cut Pro autobiography video. I really like corn.


YVO Kiddos

Check out this sweet article about the YVO trip to Montreal.

By the way, if you click on the image it should pop up full size, otherwise go to www.outlooknews.com to find the article.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


film bio assignment

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Still trying.....

So I have the front page of what should become my "Identity Remix" website.
It looks like this:

One of my links would go to a "producer" page (keep in mind this is an identity remix project, that means I get to be anyone I want to be, thus the 'award winning' title).

I'm stuck right now. I know how to design the page in photoshop, but getting it into dreamweaver is killing me.

Right now, trying to learn this new skill is EXCRUCIATING.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Olympic Swim Club

Watch the video
Video version of the dvd I programmed in class tonight. All the pics were taken today. Outdoor pools have an eerie feel when Autumn hits.


Watch the video
audio mix

Miami 1955 or Indianola 2006?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Photoshop Blues

So I am finishing my first full week of classes and after much wrangling, I feel like I have arrived at a good situation, though I am still not certain pursuing graduate school is my best course. (There is a LARGE part of me that doesn't think I have a shot in hell to get in to an Art and Technology program, BUT, I am forcing myself to learn and keep on keepin' on).

That said, I am learning how to layout web pages in photoshop. Today I created my first banner as seen below.

I took all the pics in NYC last Thanksgiving. One of my goals this quarter is to create my own layout for this blog site, so hopefully this banner will be the predecessor to a new banner for my scootking blog.

Wish me luck!
PS Being an undergrad at 36 is no easy task.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I will be ready.

There are things that one keeps in the back of the closet, underneath the bed or in the furthest reaches of the attic.

These are the things with which we are unable to part.

Rational or not, these things move with us from dwelling to dwelling.

They do not require an explanation.

If asked, however, I will simply say "I am ready for the return of Doctor Martens."

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This is killing me

Watch the video
another attempt at Origin of Love

The Origin of Love (experiment)

Watch the video
Attempt to make this text from Soundbook visual. The process didn't go as expected. All kinds of problems with video, imovie wouldn't read my camera, I don't really know how to make this visual right now anyway, etc. So, watch only the first 10 seconds, then, just listen all the way through the end, including a clip from the song used under Fair Use.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Introduction to Soundbook

powered by ODEO

A reading of the introduction to "Soundbook," a project done for the "Infiltrate" show by the Sparke Artist Collective in October, 2003. The book is best experienced when read while listening to the soundtrack for the book (a collection of the 10 songs that inspired the writing found in the book). I don't know if the book is going to work well as an audio piece because the songs and so critcal to understanding the stories, but I will try for the sake of figuring out how to get this work into a portfolio.

That said, I am also in the middle of trying to turn one of the texts from the book into a video piece. Finally, this wretched day off is turning into something.

Oh, and by the way, the book was printed on staff paper, my nod to the fact that all music starts out as written text, or at least has a written element.

War Drums

Audio from a piece I wrote for the Columbus Alive after the 2004 Republican National Convention. This piece may become a part of the portfolio I am assembling to apply for M.F.A. programs in Art and Technology and/or Creative Writing.

PRACTICE is what this is...it has been like pulling teeth to get it out of me. UGH.

powered by ODEO

p.s. photo credits to Liv Gjestvang

Thursday, August 31, 2006


My sister comes home from survival school today. She is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force and as an Intelligence Officer is required to attend a 17 day survival school in the mountains of Washington state.

She called home at midnight on Tuesday immediately after coming out of the "mock" POW camp. She was captured for 36 hours and endured treatment I can't even allow myself to imagine. She was crying when she called and said that EVERYTHING from the tips of her toes to the top of her head hurt. We talked for a only short while. She was dehydrated, suffering from sleep deprivation, probably dealing with some level of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and unable to fully convey what she had just experienced.

We hung up and Liv and I had a long, silent hug.

Friday, August 25, 2006

BMI aka "The Spread"

I have been 36 for five days now (ouch). In the past month I have completed a triathalon, swum in the Outgames, done 300 crunches and contemplated getting back into yoga.

Still I have that jiggle in my middle, or the bagel, as Liv calls it.

Today I went for body fat assessment, otherwise known as check for my Body Mass Index. It was the classic skinfold test.

It only took 3 minutes for the trainer to tell me my magic number...30. My BMI is 30, that is, 30% of my body mass is fat.

I am within a healthy range for my age, there is no question about that. I am not fat by any means and that's not what I am trying to say here.

I am, however, feeling like I am starting to suffer from the (dare I say?) middle-aged spread. UGH. The 5 extra pounds I am carrying around look different on me than they would have 10 years ago. I fear I am getting the dreaded "saddle bags."

My resting heart-rate is 55 BPM. I am really healthy, but I eat too many cookies and it has become crystal clear in the last 12 months that in order to trim the fat, I have to say no to the cookies (at least more often than not).

Aging bites....

Friday, August 18, 2006

Rubbing elbows.

Yep, that's me with Martina! Speaking of elbows...and forearms and biceps, she's got some big guns. It's no wonder she's the best tennis player of all time.

It's official

Last week, it became official. In an article for Outlook News I was part of a pair of people labeled "hipsters." My jetgirl partner and I were referred to as "couple hipsters." Seems there should have been an 'of' in that sentence, but nonetheless we are now officially hip.
Can't beat that, right? Especially on the cusp of turning a frightful 36.
At this stage of the game, I'll take my cool points wherever I can.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

note to self

Upon return from Montreal Outgames:

1. Join Amnesty International
2. Join N.O.W. (the National Organization for Women)
3. Research ILGA North American (International Lesbian and Gay Association...champion of GLBT rights worldwide, but specifically focused on gaining access to the United Nations for LGBT associations).
4. Remind everyone I know that AIDS is not over...it is on the tip of everyone's tongue outside North America and Western Europe.

P.S. Martina has 14 dogs, 6 turtles and a host of cats, all of which she takes with her in a giant RV when she travels to tournaments in North America.

Monday, July 24, 2006

YVO news

Hi Folks,
I am copying a post I did for the YVO blog, but since many of the people who read my blog follow Liv's work with YVO and because this is exciting news, I wanted to publish it on my blog too. Yipee..... Canada here we come!

Hey Canada folks,

Hang on to your hats, I just got some amazing news. As Liv has probably told you, I am a board member of the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association, the association behind the Outgames and the Conference you are attending this week (yikes...it's here already). Anyway, I did some snooping around and got you all a meeting with Martina Navratilova for Friday, July 28th.

You guys, she's a superstar. If you aren't familiar with her acheivements, I would really encourage you to do some research before you meet her. She is from the Czech Republic (but is now a U.S. citizen) and is one of the best, if not THE best, woman's tennis player of all time.

She is also a trailblazer for GLBT human rights and for combatting homophobia in sports...she was one of the first out lesbian professional athletes.

You may remember seeing her in one of the videos you watched early on. She's very committed to helping queer youth through the coming out stages, and advocating for education around the subject.

You will probably also meet Mark Tewksbury, who is a superstar Canadian swimmer who won a gold medal in the Barcelona Olympics.

So, not to freak you out, but this is a BIG deal. I have seen Martina's schedule and she is meeting with VERY few groups while in Montreal (she's only there for a few days). Please take the time to read about her work and think in advance about any questions you might have for her about her work with GLBT youth (or anything else for that matter).

For those of you not going to Montreal, I for one will miss you, but we'll take lots of pictures and remember, this is just the BEGINNING, you'll get your turns at the next great thing (hopefully something like Sundance!).

Thanks again to you all for letting me tag along!