Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Election Addendum

Update from my pal Denise who is an attorney in the court system and has the inside scoop. See, this is why we need to do in depth research.

"Thanks for the info. My one contribution/suggestion would be to NOT vote for Squire for Domestic Relations judge. As someone who works in that court, I know that she is CRAZY and has several disciplinary actions against her that are currently being decided by the Supreme Court of Ohio. She will most likely lose her license. She conducts her courtroom in an incredibly unprofessional manner and needs to get off the bench. I'm not sure who is running against her, though. James Mason is running for a different Domestic Relations seat and while he is a Republican, I'm going to vote for him with a completely clear conscience. He is very fair and works very hard to ensure that families and children get a opportunity to be heard in an objective environment."

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