Saturday, July 29, 2006

note to self

Upon return from Montreal Outgames:

1. Join Amnesty International
2. Join N.O.W. (the National Organization for Women)
3. Research ILGA North American (International Lesbian and Gay Association...champion of GLBT rights worldwide, but specifically focused on gaining access to the United Nations for LGBT associations).
4. Remind everyone I know that AIDS is not is on the tip of everyone's tongue outside North America and Western Europe.

P.S. Martina has 14 dogs, 6 turtles and a host of cats, all of which she takes with her in a giant RV when she travels to tournaments in North America.


christie kingpin said...

I am always weary of big corporate style activist groups. I am very interested in hearing more about them.
You and Martina are like best friends. Will you see if she would mind hosting a crew of queers from C-bus on that RV?

dewey said...

14 dogs!! whoa! and I thought one was a lot.