Tuesday, November 28, 2006


there are some things about turning 36 that have really sucked.

For example:

I am no longer part of "the youth vote," which encompasses 18-35 year olds(admittedly a large spread, but it felt good to be in that demographic).

I am now closer to getting my first mailing from the AARP than I am to being legal drinking age.

When I enter my age on the fitness machines at the gym, I now have to push the up arrow rather than the down arrow to reach the appropriate age (seems 35 is considered middle age to the Pre-Cor machine).

When I teach freshman at OSU, I am now twice the age of my students.

The furrow in my brow has settled in for good, I can feel it even in my most expressionless moments.

I'm not sure, but I think my eyesight is starting to fail me just a bit...sometimes 2's look like 3's from far away. Even if it isn't actually changing, I am now old enough to have to consider the fact if I am having a hard time seeing, it could just be becuase I am getting to that age.

But, by far, the most disturbing thing about being over 35 has been the moment I experienced tonight when a friend told me that pregnant women my age are referred to by medical professionals as 'elderly.'


Fuck that.


christie kingpin said...

I second that! Fuck That!

dewey said...

Hey Old Lady, thanks for taking me to the airport!

pixelville said...

i have to admit, i have kind of been looking at you lately and thinking,
"wow. she is definitely getting to be elderly these days."

wanna retire in ft. lauderdale or miami?