Monday, December 24, 2007

Cube Chronicles.XMASEVE

Behind this wall sits the most obnoxius, bigmouthed cube neighbor imagineable. It is Xmas Eve and because I am the lowest freak on the totem pole, I am stuck here trying to look busy. No one should be at work today, but here I sit bored out of my mind with my ears in pain as I suffer through the loud, brassy chatter of the woman who parks herself behind my pink wall everyday.

UGH. Happy freaking holidays.

P.S. Consider yourself lucky that the audio I tried to capture of her won't upload on my crappy Dell.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sour Bananas

So, I lost the Great Bakery Throw Down at the Ohio Department of Health. I am so bitter because I was beat out by a banana pudding that looked very much like the one pictured here, but it was in an aluminum foil pan and there were more cookies on top.

It wasn't even homemade.

I am sour over this.

Someday I am going to work in an environment where my creativity is fully appreciated. I feel like a Mac working in an office full of PC's.


The finished product for
'The Great Holiday Bake Off'
at work Christmas Party. Rock on!

Dark Horse

Monday, December 10, 2007

Purple Haze

We had a cold and rainy Sunday in Columbus and in typical Liv and Julie fashion we took the opportunity not to enjoy the Sabbath, but rather to attack another room in our house with fiendish fervor.

You'll have to wait come by to get the full effect, but for now, check out this beautiful corner of the room!

Curb Appeal

We got it!