Saturday, October 28, 2006

3rd Coast

I can't think of an environment that could cause me more anxiety than a 3 day audio festival with producers from all over the world who work for places like NPR, the BBC, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, Public Radio International and This American Life.

It seems that the thing that makes me most excited also makes me most terrified.

So, because I am on my way to the last event of the festival, I will sum up my experience/feelings in one small paragraph.

Anxiety over what freaking clothes to wear resulting in trying on three different outfits, answering "yes" the much asked question, "Are you an independent producer," my heart exploding out of my chest when speaking in a session on being a new producer, my heart leaping with thrill at the thought of attending the SALT Institute for Documentary Studies, in a low moment intoducing myself as someone who has no connection to this field other than as a listener, at a high moment introducing myself as a blogger and podcaster, affirmation in my audio therapy and audio doctor sessions.

There is more, but we are late.

Suffice it to say that as scary and exciting as it all is, it feels like home.

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pixelville said...

nice j.

this is a really nice post.
you're gonna do this thing.
mark my words.

check this blog out in 24 months. it's going to be a completley different animal.

can't wait to see.