Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Election Addendum

Update from my pal Denise who is an attorney in the court system and has the inside scoop. See, this is why we need to do in depth research.

"Thanks for the info. My one contribution/suggestion would be to NOT vote for Squire for Domestic Relations judge. As someone who works in that court, I know that she is CRAZY and has several disciplinary actions against her that are currently being decided by the Supreme Court of Ohio. She will most likely lose her license. She conducts her courtroom in an incredibly unprofessional manner and needs to get off the bench. I'm not sure who is running against her, though. James Mason is running for a different Domestic Relations seat and while he is a Republican, I'm going to vote for him with a completely clear conscience. He is very fair and works very hard to ensure that families and children get a opportunity to be heard in an objective environment."


For any Ohio lefties in the house, here are some voting tips to make your life easier next week.

After being encouraged to vote absentee, I sat down to vote today and found that even armed with endorsement materials from the Democratic Party, it still took me 30 minutes to cast my ballot.

So, if you want to vote a full on Democratic ticket, here are your selections:
P.S. Keep in mind that Judges, auditors, etc. affect our lives as well as Senators and Congressional leaders.

Strickland for Governor
Dann for Attorney General
Sykes for Auditor
Brunner for Sect of State
Cordray for Treasurer of State
Brown for Congress
Kilroy for Representative
Donahey for County Auditor
Tyack for Court of Appeals
Dorris for Common Pleas
Macke for Common Please
Gill for Domestic Relations Judge
Squire for Domestic Relations
Brown for County Commissioner
Bendig for Common Pleas
McIntosh for Common Pleas
Horton for Common Pleas
Perez for Domestic
Espy for Judge of Supreme Court
O'Neill for Judge of Supreme Court

On Issues:

Yes on Issue One (Worker's Compensation Reform)

Yes on Issue Two for increase in the minimum wage (for those of you who have the fortune to forget this number, it is STILL $5.15...it has not changed since you worked at the mall when you were 17, this would make it $6.85...still not a living wage, but better)

No on Issue Three (makes gambling legal, some people are pro Issue Three because there is a provision that will send 30% of gambling profits to college tuition...my take is why should gambling fund public education? And, gambling is an addiction that strikes primarily poor, undereducated, working class people, finally the jobs that are created are low paying service economy jobs)

No on Issue 4 (part of the confusing smoking issues, if you don't want smoking in bars, vote No on 4, Yes on 5, by the way, RJ Reynolds funded 90% of the campaign to pass this amendment to the Ohio Constitution)

Yes on Issue 5 (keeps bars, restaurants smoke free)

Yes on Issue 7 (increases taxes for public transportation)

Other tips:If you requested an absentee ballot, you must vote absentee and are encouraged to turn your ballot in by hand if you are in Columbus. If you go to the polls, take ID and a print out of your planned choices (party affiliation is not listed for all candidates). Go to the League of Women Voters if you want detail on individual candidates. Go to www.columbus.indyvoter.org for assistance with voting procedures.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

3rd Coast

I can't think of an environment that could cause me more anxiety than a 3 day audio festival with producers from all over the world who work for places like NPR, the BBC, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, Public Radio International and This American Life.

It seems that the thing that makes me most excited also makes me most terrified.

So, because I am on my way to the last event of the festival, I will sum up my experience/feelings in one small paragraph.

Anxiety over what freaking clothes to wear resulting in trying on three different outfits, answering "yes" the much asked question, "Are you an independent producer," my heart exploding out of my chest when speaking in a session on being a new producer, my heart leaping with thrill at the thought of attending the SALT Institute for Documentary Studies, in a low moment intoducing myself as someone who has no connection to this field other than as a listener, at a high moment introducing myself as a blogger and podcaster, affirmation in my audio therapy and audio doctor sessions.

There is more, but we are late.

Suffice it to say that as scary and exciting as it all is, it feels like home.

Monday, October 23, 2006

We Are Strong Women

Listen to the Audio

This is the audio piece that I am taking to The Third Coast International Audio Festival in Chicago this week. One of the reasons I wanted to go to this festival was because they offer an opportunity for independent producers to sit down with professionals in a 'Audio Doctor' session.

One of the professionals is Ira Glass, so I have a one in four chance of getting to sit down with him, or someone on the same par as him, and discuss my audio work. This work is a result of a workshop Heidi Madsen and I did with seven HIV+ women in the summer of 2004. I have wanted to create an audio piece from that workshop ever since and am just now finally forcing myself to do it. The festival was the final push I needed to get something done.

So, listen in and please leave me your comments.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Round two of my Final Cut Pro autobiography video. I really like corn.


YVO Kiddos

Check out this sweet article about the YVO trip to Montreal.

By the way, if you click on the image it should pop up full size, otherwise go to www.outlooknews.com to find the article.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


film bio assignment

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Still trying.....

So I have the front page of what should become my "Identity Remix" website.
It looks like this:

One of my links would go to a "producer" page (keep in mind this is an identity remix project, that means I get to be anyone I want to be, thus the 'award winning' title).

I'm stuck right now. I know how to design the page in photoshop, but getting it into dreamweaver is killing me.

Right now, trying to learn this new skill is EXCRUCIATING.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Olympic Swim Club

Watch the video
Video version of the dvd I programmed in class tonight. All the pics were taken today. Outdoor pools have an eerie feel when Autumn hits.


Watch the video
audio mix

Miami 1955 or Indianola 2006?