Monday, October 23, 2006

We Are Strong Women

Listen to the Audio

This is the audio piece that I am taking to The Third Coast International Audio Festival in Chicago this week. One of the reasons I wanted to go to this festival was because they offer an opportunity for independent producers to sit down with professionals in a 'Audio Doctor' session.

One of the professionals is Ira Glass, so I have a one in four chance of getting to sit down with him, or someone on the same par as him, and discuss my audio work. This work is a result of a workshop Heidi Madsen and I did with seven HIV+ women in the summer of 2004. I have wanted to create an audio piece from that workshop ever since and am just now finally forcing myself to do it. The festival was the final push I needed to get something done.

So, listen in and please leave me your comments.

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pixelville said...

hey there scootking.

tried to listen, but couldn't get the audio to play. link leads to player, but no audio loads.

help! i wanna listen!