Friday, August 25, 2006

BMI aka "The Spread"

I have been 36 for five days now (ouch). In the past month I have completed a triathalon, swum in the Outgames, done 300 crunches and contemplated getting back into yoga.

Still I have that jiggle in my middle, or the bagel, as Liv calls it.

Today I went for body fat assessment, otherwise known as check for my Body Mass Index. It was the classic skinfold test.

It only took 3 minutes for the trainer to tell me my magic number...30. My BMI is 30, that is, 30% of my body mass is fat.

I am within a healthy range for my age, there is no question about that. I am not fat by any means and that's not what I am trying to say here.

I am, however, feeling like I am starting to suffer from the (dare I say?) middle-aged spread. UGH. The 5 extra pounds I am carrying around look different on me than they would have 10 years ago. I fear I am getting the dreaded "saddle bags."

My resting heart-rate is 55 BPM. I am really healthy, but I eat too many cookies and it has become crystal clear in the last 12 months that in order to trim the fat, I have to say no to the cookies (at least more often than not).

Aging bites....


pixelville said...

ha ha ha hahahahahahahahha

ok, i know you're serious here,
but omg that shit is funny.

a picture of saddle bags?
i'm gonna pee myself.

dewey said...

omg! i was going to post about how i've been thinking something similar recently, but now i just have to laugh at that picture. ha!