Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Vital Tunes

I stole this idea from Red Rider, but had to do my own. I am an AVID music fan and there are hundreds of songs I absolutely love, but this list of albums contains songs I could not live without. The list betrays my age, but who cares, these albums hold the songs that are the soundtrack to my life. With the addition of "Southside" by Texas and "Strange Free World" by Kitchens of Distinction, these are the cds that would go with me on the desert island (a concept that dates me also).

Anger. Joy. Sorrow. Longing. Elation. Heartbreak. Fear. Isolation. Love.

All are recalled for me in these tunes, sometimes as if the moment never ended.

Music does that for me.
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reelkeenfilm said...

I'd love to hear the CD of your life. Soundbook was part of that but I think a compilation of songs that represents your life up to this point would be really cool. In our cases it might have to be distibuted in Time Life volumes.

pixelville said...

What an amazingly diverse collection of music. Pretty freakin' cool. Someday we'll all pay for art through our taxes instead of paying for bombers and we'll be able to just click on the albums and hear them for free -- as part of our civic privilege.