Tuesday, April 04, 2006

go homos

Over the weekend I competed in my first gay swim meet of the year. The Ohio Splash coordinated the meet and over 250 swimmers competed from 29 states across the nation. While there I saw the one of the strangest things ever.

(As a side note, I think it's worth saying here that I rarely go anywhere without my camera anymore. One of the reasons I like blogging so much is because it gives me an outlet for documenting and commenting on all the bizarre things I encounter in any given week. Perhaps it seems odd that one would have so much to comment on, but once you start looking, oddities are everywhere.)

Anyway, while on deck I noticed a swimmer from my team with his toes bedecked in wiggly green rubber contraptions. In all my years of competitive swimming, I have never seen a swimmer using any such gear, so I had to ask him what they were all about. To my surprise, they turned out to be "Toe Separators," for use when one suffers from bunions. Apparently they alleviate bunion pain by keeping one's toes from touching. So, since I have now discovered these wacky things, I had to search for them on Google and there are plenty of websites that sell toe separators, but NONE of them seem to have the model my team mate sported that day. This leads me to wonder if he had his special ordered...hmmm, tricky!

In any case, aside from my newly expanded knowledge about foot care accoutrements, I had some fast swims, wore myself out with 8 races in 8 hours and got to witness two blue ribbon performances by the best volunteers ever. Nothing captures their dedication to their assigned duties like this pic. Aahh, what a blessing it is to have such a wicked cohort!


dewey said...

I totally asked about those toe things too. I thought they were some sort of fancy flip flop, without the flip. Or is it the flop?

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