Friday, April 21, 2006

Tupperware Tracker

So one of the ideas I had for this project is to create a faux website and new pop culture phenomenon called "Tupperware Tracker." Recently I was at a friend's house for dinner and upon finishing our meal, my generous host packed up a tupperware of leftovers for me to take home. There was no discussion about returing the tupperware, it was simply understood that I would either return it to my friend, continue to use it in my home, or pass it on to another friend or family member packed full of leftovers. The practice of travelling tupperware caught my attention because Liv and I had been talking about the "Where's George" dollar bill tracker.

Anyway, it occurred to me that one could do the same thing with tupperware. Then, one night I couldn't fall asleep (a total rarity for me, ever since I started counseling 12 years ago, my sleep problems ceased...fancy that!) and I started to think about how one could make money selling the idea of Tupperware Tracker to the Tupperware Company. I started imaging the presentation I would make to the marketing department about how common it is for people to pass tupperware, about how the act of doing so speaks so much to values of family, home, community, etc. I started imaging the website and the process for tagging tupperware (it would almost need to be etched into the plastic so it wouldn't wear off after repeated washings), and the stories Tuppeware could collect about the role their product plays in the American Experience.

Suddenly I could hear women from Omaha dialing in to tell their stories...

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