Friday, April 21, 2006

Help me determine my artistic future.

People, I have not taken an art class since I was in 8th grade. 8th freaking grade, that means I was 13 and living in Portsmouth, Ohio. I was on the JV Basketball team, ran track, was as gangly as they come and had a mouthful of braces. My English teacher was a dyke, my favorite class was Science (we were learning about rocks and minerals) and the only project I remember from Art was a stamp pad I made with my name on it in a very futuristic computer font (lest you ponder the ability of a font to be indentified as "computer," do consider that I was 13 in 1984).

Soooooooo, 22 years later I find myself in an art class again. This after two degrees, one in Political Science and one Women's Studies, with nary an art class in my transcript...not even Art History.

(Did I mention yet that I LOVE it, this experience of learning art in school?)

OK, so here is where you (my loyal subscribers and other casual readers) come in. I need a direction for my art project this quarter. I am to compose and post 30 multimedia blog entries over the next 6 weeks. I am considering following one centralized theme for the project, mainly because that seems to be the most logical thing to do. I am tossing around the ideas you will vote on in my poll.

If you have followed my recent posts, you have watched an abstract daffodil video, listened to an odd audio post, and read various everyday musings. The question is, what direction shall I follow? HELP.

Direction for my art blog?
Tupperware Tracker
Abstract Daffodil Art
Continue on Present Course
Blending of above three options
Scrap it all and start over
The brilliant answer to my dilemma will be revealed in a comment to this blog.
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dewey said...

A theme would be good, but daffodils won't be in season for 6 more weeks? Maybe you could track the progress of your yard?

Lisamc said...

As one who loosely defines herself as an artist, I think you could/should find ways to blend all of the above options, as the simple process of working on the blending will push you to more and more creative heights! I love the humor you bring to your movies, the depth of emotion present, as well as the refreshing new addition of the sarcastic art factor. I believe that you should not limit yourself in this very important phase of getting to know you as an artist. Who knows what path will lead you to the next big thing?

Ultimately, we are all artists, and we should be SPARKEing!