Friday, March 31, 2006


If you've been reading my blog you know Liv and I were in Portland recently to help her parents work on their house. I have some great before and after pictures that I will save for another post, but for now, I thought I would post about a moment we shared during the painting process.

So, this reads like more like a joke than a social commentary, but here goes:

Q: How do you know when you are part of the gentrification process?

A: In two parts:

1. When your family profile reads: White mother with Ph.D. in German, white father with M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, white lesbian daughter with B.A. in English, and white lesbian daughter-in-law to be with M.A. in Women's Studies


2. When the door you are refinishing is covered with pencil scratchings that read: "DiJonnete" and "Teneshia is the bomb '96" as below.

Sile used to sometimes call me "white, white" to which I took great offense, but there are moments where those words creep up and resonate with me.

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dewey said...

white, white is the bomb, 2006.