Thursday, March 30, 2006

things i saw in texas

This post is a bit late, but I saw some crazy things in Texas, some of which are to be expected, others that were a bit surprising...even for Texas. Of course there were lots of cowboy hats and boots and cows in abundance and women with big hair, but what I didn't expect were women with big purses, particularly big hairy purses, like this lovely specimen. OK,so ironically, this picture is tiny because I tried to make it bigger in Fireworks (another program I do not know how to work, but am attempting to learn) and I bombed. So, as I write, Liv is sitting next to me correcting my error with her mad Photoshop skills. In a minute I can post a more true to life version that will really be impressive as the beastly thing was in person. And I do mean beastly, it looked more like Oscar the Grouch hanging from her arm than a purse. OK, so here is the whacked thing in its full they say, everything is bigger in Texas, even ugly purses! Ugh, now this picture is gianormous and is overwhelming everything else on my otherwise well organized blog. If this weren't the chronicle of my technological pursuits, I would have blown a gasket by now. JESUS.

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