Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snowgirl Anatomy

There's a blizzard here today and I am home with my four year old niece because the daycare is closed. In old-school snow day fashion we got all bundled up and went outside to make a snowgirl (snowgirl because I am a feminist and clearly not all snow characters are male). The snow wasn't packing very well, so she's more like a snow blob, but we were pleased with the finished product.

Our little snowgirl is fitted with all the requisite accessories- carrot nose, button eyes and tophat replaced with punked out hair. Before she was complete, however, Amoreh informed me that "all she needs now is a bagina."

Close up of bagina:

We then gave our snowgirl a snowboy companion complete with a
"long skinny thing up front."

Kids rock.


pixelville said...

freakin' hysterical.
snowblob with anatomy.
what will they think of next.

i have to say i did quite appreciate her carrot nose, too. i also really like your flicker photo mashups these days -- cool pics.

piston said...

All hail the sacred BAGINA!!! I love your niece. she is brilliant. i miss you guys. the first flakes are just beginning to fall here in brooklyn and as i watch them i think of their friends piled up in O-hi-O! Cheers