Friday, February 16, 2007

Brandi Tribute

She moved through our lives for precious little moments,
Few were graced by her beauty.

The scent of vintage cologne and velvety Aquanet settled in our nostrils.
The black beauty wrap with vaulted shoulders draped elegantly across her flowing frame.
The patent leather heels and sheer midnight hose stretched up her galant legs.

She was, and forever will be, our beloved Brandi.
May she live in our dreams forever.

Dedicated to Scotty Scott, who knew her even less intimately than some others.

May the memories of her burn brighter with a photo salute to her dashing beauty.

Brandi before her 'do' was perfected.

Brandi with beauteous hair.

Brandi with chin.

Brandi dons diamond studded heart shaped hoops.

Brandi with bubbles.


Ginger said...

Brandi has fabulous hair. Love it!

pixelville said...

steve and brandi.
true love always and forever.

hugs and kisses,

dewey said...

the bubble thing looks suspiciously like a candy cigarette. brandi is bad.