Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blogging: YR2

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I am entering year two as a blogger and want to start a new blog that has a more specific focus. Perhaps a place to house my audio and video experiments.

I have been toying with ideas for a new blog title and url. I am searching for word combos that reflect my interests.

So far I have come up with:

This is a video tag for

I'm open to suggestions. Help.


Liv said...

hi there.

ok, so first, the vidtag rocks.

second, i like digitaldyke.

third, i also like digidyke. (although this looks admittedly like a kind of toy that could be made my playskool).

and fourth, you need to rally a little more support in the comment department. i think you should send out a call to arms. i'm gettin' a little lonely in here.

dj love said...

i like dyke diaries
not to be contrary or anything
but if it is a place for just video and audio then digitaldyke makes sense too, and some might say its cheeky if you think of fingers and digits, and so on...

alana said...

I'm a fan of digitaldyke, too. And the vidtag is very cool!