Thursday, January 11, 2007


In two hours from now I will be co-presenting a workshop on Audio Documentary to 60 professors, students, Kiplinger Fellows, NPR buffs, etc. at Ohio State University.
This workshop evolved out of my attendance to the Third Coast Audio Festival in Chicago last October. As a result of this workshop, I got a call from the Radio Manager at WOSU last week. He was trying to figure out who I was since I am listed as an Audio Producer. YIKES. ("Remember the Artist's Way" I keep telling myself).

When we talked he asked me if I knew about the digital media center at COSI (a joint project of COSI and WOSU). He said they are trying to do this kind of teaching and outreach there. "Duh, of course I know about that place, it's my dream job," I thought. We talked briefly, he told me he would be at the workshop and looked forward to seeing what we did with it. I hung up, assembled my resume with audio samples and delivered to WOSU 30 minutes later.

I am NERVOUS right now because this workshop feels like an audition. I feel like it could get me somewhere in this field, if the right person likes what we are doing. At the same time it scares me because I am so excited and eager to work in this field and I am afraid it could be another kick ass presentation that leads nowhere.

Plus, I love to teach and I don't get to do it enough anymore.

Ugh, mixed emotions.

I'm off....

P.S. Description for the first workshop in the Audio Trilogy follows:

Audio Documentary at the Digital Union
Thursday January 11, 3-5 pm
Digital Union, 370 SEL

Are you a fan of This American Life or Fresh Air programs? Interested in learning about the art and science of audio production? HIS, STC, TELR and the Digital Union invite you to participate in a Winter Quarter workshop to learn the theory and practice behind audio narratives.

Meet with audio producer, Julia Applegate and video artist, Liv Gjestvang to learn about the current state of audio documentaries – on the radio, through the internet and in our classrooms. Hear a wide range of audio samples from students at OSU to award winning professionals at NPR. You will learn what equipment you’ll need to get started, how to find a story, capture it and turn it into something great. Registration is required and may be done online. More information:


dewey said...

oooh, good luck!

piston said...

well???? how did it go? did you rock their socks off? i suspect you did.