Wednesday, February 22, 2006

senior dating

Last week my Dad was in town and I got this great idea that he create an account on We spent about an hour creating his profile and posting it online. We picked HikerGary64 as his screen name and chose a nice picture for his profile.
Check out those great specs!:

I'm not sure this is the exact picture he would have chosen for himself, but it seemed fun to me and it captures his youthful take on life, besides that, it was the best one we could access from my sister's computer (it's a good thing potential dates can't tell he's at the gay pride parade!) Anyway, we put up the picture and his profile and waited to see what would happen.

Less than 6 hours passed by before he got his first wink (a form of flirting) from this lady (she's 71 and calls herself Pearlums):

At this point he wasn't so sure about this thing anymore.
Then, he gets his first email from this woman (dizzyavonlady):

Now he's really not so sure, especially when we open the email and read this message:

"Why dont you take of those stupid glasses act like beinging 64 not 4 ."

I did not touch the spelling, I swear.

Now he's ready to kill me. He's just spent $50 and so far has two less than desirable winks and one bitter email. I'm bad, but it's cracking me up because I know he'll get some good hits eventually and what a great story this all makes. By the way, Liv started harassing me two days into this whole thing because she caught me trying to send a wink on my Dad's behalf....she said it was strangely co-dependent and that I better get a grip and quit checking his site every 4 hours. I shrunk in my seat when she told me that because I know she's right, but it's kind of fun playing matchmaker.

Anyway, in the past week he has been viewed by 141 women and has had several winks from women who might be more his type, including:

She was a hot prospect until he went to dinner with her and reported back to me that she was "too weird" for him. Alas, the adventures of dating in your 60's!

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