Sunday, February 26, 2006


Hey folks, welcome to my blog. I am confronting my technophobia head on with this blog thing. This is my 7th post and I am attempting to set it up so people can subscribe if they like. So, if all goes well you are here now because you received an invitation from googlegroups. Look around and if you like what's going on here, you can subscribe to the googlegroup and you will get an email whenever I update my blog. And by the way, this blog will chronicle my quest to hone my a/v skills into something worth viewing on a regular basis.
Have fun!

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reelkeenfilm said...

hey you-

i love your blog. i think i should make that into a bumper sticker. what do you think? but really, i do love your blog. the head job bit has me homesick for the weirdos one can meet in ohio. wish i had been with you for that one. keep up the great work! at this rate, you'll go from technophobe to technogeek in no time.