Thursday, June 29, 2006


Watch the video
I have been in a funk lately. It might be about that little white pill. Or, perhaps the absence of said pill.


pixelville said...

Wow...amazing. I love the audio track - you can feel the stillness, repetition and emptiness both in what you say, and how you edit. I am glad you are making work right now. Do you think it helps to be creating?

I hope so.

It's good to see you back on your blog.
I missed you sk.
A *lot*.

reelkeenfilm said...

Hey buddy, you know I'm with you. It is sometimes as if the little white pill brings everything else into color. What I find interesting is that ever since I've had it in my life, it's absence is now also in COLOR. Is it the contrast between feeling normal and depressed that I notice so much? Or has the pill intensified the depression when it's out of my system? Who knows, I guess. You can tell I haven't had mine recently by the simple fact that I am asking such impossible questions.